Solar Power

Solar parks provide a long term, low risk and reliable source of renewable energy.  Compared to other systems they are quick to install and easy to maintain.  In instances that are perhaps unsuited to wind power development, large scale solar development may provide an alternative source of income for landowners. On south facing upland areas currently used for sheep grazing, solar energy can often make sound financial sense.

As an experienced renewables developer we are committed to ensuring that our solar projects mirror the responsible approach we have taken to wind power generation since Tegni was first established in 1996.

Solar power is a low impact, green and sustainable technology, that generates an abundance of clean energy – even when there are clouds in the sky.  In a large scale solar park arrays of panels are placed closely together to maximise the energy capture from the sun and convert this energy into electricity.  The electricity is then transmitted to the grid network via inverters and transformers, ready to be used by consumers.

Tegni are currently exploring a range of solar sites within key identified areas, and we are keen to speak with landowners who are interested in realising the solar energy potential of their land. 

Contact us to discuss the solar potential of your land.  We have recently been undertaking detailed site selection processes, so we will be able to quickly tell you whether your land is likely to be suitable for solar development.  

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